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The Paper Jar

Sustainable cosmetic packaging

Disposable via the paper bin, recyclable, bio-degradable, free of chemical additives and micro-plastics.


Track record and partners

One step ahead

Together with Fraunhofer ISC and IWKS (partly financed by Horizon 2020) we successfully developed a bio-based barrier coating applicable on fibre surfaces.

Successful company building (Zeroplast) and assed deal with Greiner AG in 2022 (Click).

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We are looking for partnerships, venture clients and licencees within the cosmetic, consumer goods and food industry.

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Waxell has got a remarkable track record and partner network.

Zeroplast, a successful asset deal with Greiner AG

Imagine a 100% bio-based material, feasible for Injection Moulding and not defined as plastics, but “biogenic material”. The market potential is seemingly unlimited. Toys, household applications and much more. The basic material has been invented by Waxell and further developed with the help of our former partner companies Buzek Plastic and Huber 4 Zero, shown at the K-Fair 2019.

Video and Interview (Link)

Greiner Zeroplast (Link)

Waxell, member of HyperBiocoat (Bio-based-Industries)

Alongside with global players like Unilever or Dow Chemicals we have been an active part of the HyperBiocoat program, founded by Horizon 2020. We successfully further developed a bio-based barrier coating and applied it to the Zeroplast surface and natural paper. We now exploit these results within the “Paper Jar” Project.

HyperBiocoat (Link)


testimonials quote pattern

I have seen several interesting ideas at the K-Fair 2019, Zeroplast is the most interesting one.

Professor Michael Braungart
EPEA Institute and inventor of the Cradle-to-Cradle Principle


Even more versatile and output driven than the Star Trek Crew. Our Team combines all relevant knowledge and experience for a successful company building. Experienced business developers, legal experts, product designer, engineers, financial experts and design thinking professionals.

One step ahead.
The Paper Jar for Cosmetic Packaging, 100% bio-based, free of any chemical additives, recyclable, bio-degradable.

Reinventing Cosmetic Packaging, 100% Plastic-free and Planet-positive.

Plastic packaging is a relic of the past, outdated, a design failure (Microplastics, non-biodegradability). It is time for eco-friendly Innovation and Evolution. Our “Paper Jar” solution goes one step further than all other “sustainable” packaging approaches: recyclable in the conventional paper bin, free of chemical additives, bio-based barrier coating for food and cosmetics, price competitive compared to plastics, potentially replacing all plastic cosmetics jars.

Track record Waxell team

Zeroplast, successful asset deal with Greiner AG 2022, JDA Beiersdorf  AG, 100% bio-based material feasible for injection moulding, price competitive compared to plastics but limited usability for packaging as no feasible recycling stream.

Only Austrian SME company founded by Horizon 2020.

Bio-based barrier coating

Working prototype and laboratory results plus exclusivity agreement with “BioOrmocer” by Fraunhofer ISC. Independent and parallel development of a unique and novel bio-based barrier coating with Fraunhofer IWKS.

100% Fibre-based, recyclable in the Paper bin

The Jar consists of at least 95% fibres, which makes it disposable via the Paper Bin in every country worldwide as it meets the strictest legal requirements (Austria, Germany).

The remaining 5% of the total weight and volume are used for the unique 100% bio-based barrier coating and the thread, made out of a bioplastic formula and produced with state-of-the-art insert moulding technology.

Price Competitive

We are completely aware that the Sustainability only works if the “good” alternative is price competitive to the “old” solution.
The Paper Jar will be sold at an equal price level compared to existing products made from plastics.

Use cases beyond Cosmetic Packaging

As the barrier coating works for both cosmetics and food, the use cases in both fields of business are unlimited. We can easily exploit our technology and material combination for turning numerous food packaging eco-friendly and free of plastics.


To reach market readiness within 2024 we are conducing a seed investment round in October 2023. To limit risk, we split the investment in two phases:

  1. Build an MVP which demonstrates the functionality of both the bio-based barrier coating applied on fiber / paper / cardboard surfaces and the insert moulding technology.
  2. Reach market readiness for serial production

Market Potential

1,3 Billion Euros in 2025 for the Cosmetic Packaging case only.

Why now?

PR, Marketing (“The good citizen company who cares for the environment”), industry agreements (Ellen Macarthur), taxes and regulations (EU plastic tax) and changing consumer habits.

Sustainable fibre

We use natural fibres without any chemical additives. A bio-based barrier coating has already been successfully applied, capable of building a barrier towards any cosmetics and food ingredients.

M a t c h ?

Making Cosmetc Packaging Sustainable

(Let us join forces)

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We love to get in touch with you. No matter if you want to turn your Packaging into a sustainable USP or thinking of investing into our bulletproof Business Model. We are curious and bold enough to overcome all hurdles and become your favourite partner.

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We plan to reach market readiness within 2024. If you are bold enough, capable enough and smart enough to join a plastic-free packaging revolution, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to any form of collaboration.

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